Wilmington Brewskee-Ball


Join the nation’s first-ever competitive Skee-Ball league!


In the Fall of 2007, Brewskee-Ball — the nation’s first-ever competitive Skee-Ball league — rolled south to Wilmington, NC, for its inaugural skeeson.

Calling the Blue Post its home, Wilmington Brewskee-Ball slowly caught on as one of the most exciting and fun competitive sports leagues in the Port City.

Combining the nostalgic memories of Skee-Ball with a modern twist, Wilmington Brewskee-Ball has grown into a phenomenon.

Now in it’s 15th skeeson — and in its new home at Five Star Tavern –  Wilmington Brewskee-Ball has shown no signs of slowing down and continues to grow as more rollers discover the “love of the lane.”  And as a member of the Brewskee-Ball family (which includes leagues in New York City, San Francisco, Austin, TX, and Denver, CO), Wilmington is a part of a network that has captured the interest of hundreds and hundreds of rollers, from skee to shining skee.

For more information about the league and how to join, please explore the sites below or email, wilm@brewskeeball.com.  To sign up for skeemails and updates from Wilmington Brewskee-Ball, please fill in your information here. Let the good times roll!


Our Websites:

Wilmington Brewskee-Ball


Wilmington Brewskee-Ball Facebook Page


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